Kenneth Farrall, Ph.D.

designer/coder, localization project manager, publisher, teacher, sinophile
localization project manager @ mtmlinguasoft
kfarrall AT
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2012-2017Plastic Intelligence
Curates key Internet sources on multiple topics related to cognitive enhancement, from simple meditation to the emerging field of cognitive implantation. Sampling methods tweaked to maximize informational variety. Happening @ Mobile shortcut:
2009 - 2011U.S. Domestic Intelligence
NYU Post-doc research with Helen Nissenbaum, mapped post-911 changes to US intelligence operations, including enrollent of local police via the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) initiative (AKA "See Something, Say Something"). Published @ International Journal of Intelligence Ethics(2)(1) [pdf] and Research in Social Problems and Public Policy(19) [pdf].
2007 - 2009Suspect Until Proven Guilty
Dissertation, problematizes the state production and accumulation of personal information on citizen subjects , using China and U.S. comparison as primary analytical instrument. @Penn Scholarly Commons [pdf]. Listen to Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview [mp3].
2004 - 2006Web Graph Analysis
Research question: "What can we learn from studying patterns of network connections between web sites?" American Political Science Association (APSA) conference video lecture [youtube], archived project website, whitepapers "Cyberspace, the Web Graph, and Political Deliberation" and "Web Graph Analysis in Perspective".
2004 - 2005Electronic Destabilization
Designed database focusing on role of electronic communication technologies in moments of political instability. Originally developed as Annenberg class project; recently rediscovered. Archived:
1998-2001Virtual China
English language China technology, arts and culture website. Very successful in short run, victim of dotcom crash of 2000. Chronicled in 2000 Harvard Business Case, " The Building of a Virtual Community". Archived @ [Harvard case available upon request].
1995-1998China Matrix
Considered the primary destination for news and analysis on the Chinese Internet during the late 20th century. Internationally recognized. Award-winning. Archived @


Data Curation
Ph.D. emphasis on information theory and cybernetics. Developed search protocol that maximizes informational variety compared to standard methods. Self taught in database design, data extraction, and text processing. See current Plastic Intelligence site and earlier work on "Electronic Destabilization."
Self taught code slinging at dawn of commercial Internet age (mid-90s). Key tools then were HTML2, PHP, MYSQL and Javascript. Current project, Plastic Intelligence reflects latest code base of HTML5, CSS 3, and jQuery, with modern object-oriented PHP techniques.
Typography, layout, information architecture, responsiveness.
Writing, editing.
38 years experience.
Fluent spoken Mandarin. Functional written Chinese.
Graduate and undergraduate level Communication, Writing, ESL. Teaching references, evals and syllabi available on request.
Project planning
Concept to launch. Business plans. Financing. Team building.


Ph.D, Communication
University of Pennsylvania
MA, Asian Studies
University of Texas at Austin
BA, Political and Social Thought
University of Virginia