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Radio Frequency Indentification (Issue Network)

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Crawl Date: July 26, 2004
Iterations: 2
Depth: 2
Privileged Starting Points: No
Total Nodes in Network: 91
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Research Notes

This RFID crawl was of limited success in showing a robust, fully developed RFID issue network, although it did show an interesting relationship between the overall online privacy community, made up of sites like cpsr.org, eff.org and epic.org and the RFID "watchdog" community, centered around nocards.org, the primary site of CASPIAN. The "privacy community" emerges as a well-developed, robust network on the lower-middle portion of the graph. The key actors in the privacy network collectively point to the key actors in the RFID watchdog community.

The majority of the nodes in this network fall within the RFID and privacy advocacy category, with limited representation from the RFID industry and research communities. A cluster of software and hardware sites which have an interest in RFID but are not RFID specific manufacturers (sun.com, ibm.com, microsoft.com. apache.org and intel.org) appear in the upper middle portion of the graph, less tightly knit cluster than the privacy community. Some RFID industry sites appear on the graph, but somewhat haphazardly and are not clustered (alientechnology.com, sap.com, matrics.com). There is also some issue drift from the more general privacy community (donotcall.gov, 911commission.gov).

Complete Actor List (91 Nodes) (URL, TLD, # inlinks)

 9-11commission.gov  GOV  27  
 accessreports.com  COM  13  
 aclu.org  ORG  269  
 acnielsen.com  COM  7 
 alientechnology.com  COM  10    
 anu.edu.au  EDU  289    
 apache.org  ORG  11    
 art101.com  COM  7     
 autoidcenter.org  ORG  59     
 bbb.org  ORG  166     
 bbbonline.org  ORG  120     
 boycottbenetton.org  ORG  184     
 cdc.gov  GOV  40     
 cdt.org  ORG  120     
 chaindrugreview.com  COM  5     
 chillingeffects.org  ORG  52     
 cnn.com  COM  100    
 commdocs.house.gov  GOV  5     
 consumer.gov  GOV  193     
 cpsr.org  ORG  109     
 csmonitor.com  COM  30     
 dataprotection.gov.uk  GOV  20     
 defenselink.mil  MIL  15     
 donotcall.gov  GOV  71     
 edri.org  ORG  23     
 eetimes.com  COM  20     
 eff.org  ORG  471     
 epic.org  ORG  1538     
 equifax.com  COM  30     
 eretailnews.com  COM  5     
 experian.com  COM  31     
 eyeforpharma.com  COM  6     
 fcc.gov  GOV  156     
 findlaw.com  COM  23     
 fipr.org  ORG  55     
 fraud.org  ORG  15     
 ftc.gov  GOV  1865   
 gilc.org  ORG  101     
 google.com  COM  74    
 house.gov  GOV  172    
 hp.com  COM  42     
 ibm.com  COM  62     
 indefenseoffreedom.org  ORG  19     
 india-today.com  COM  11     
 informationweek.com  COM  285     
 intel.com  COM  145     
 intermec.com  COM  9     
 internetweek.com  COM  52     
 johnkerry.com  COM  22     
 junkbusters.com  COM  962     
 latimes.com  COM  94     
 matrics.com  COM  8     
 microsoft.com  COM  353     
 mit.edu  EDU  24     
 news.ft.com  COM  35     
 nikkeibp.asiabiztech.com  COM  7     
 nocards.org  ORG  108     
 nytimes.com  COM  434     
 oecd.org  ORG  330     
 pirg.org  ORG  44     
 privacy.org  ORG  130     
 privacyactivism.org  ORG  21     
 privacyalliance.org  ORG  15     
 privacyassociation.org  ORG  28     
 privacyinternational.org  ORG  653     
 privacyjournal.net  NET  19     
 privacyrights.org  ORG  336     
 privacytimes.com  COM  11     
 private-citizen.com  COM  34     
 privcom.gc.ca  CA  26     
 rand.org  ORG  26     
 redhat.com  COM  9     
 retailsystemsreseller.com  COM  10     
 rfidjournal.com  COM  318     
 sap.com  COM  336     
 smartbusinessmag.com  COM  5     
 spamcop.net  NET  11     
 spychips.com  COM  22     
 ssa.gov  GOV  51     
 sun.com  COM  361     
 thomas.loc.gov  GOV  1483    
 tibco.com  COM  6     
 truste.org  ORG  57     
 uc-council.org  ORG  35     
 usatoday.com  COM  237     
 vote-smart.org  ORG  18    
 washingtonpost.com  COM  529     
 web.mit.edu  EDU  128     
 whitehouse.gov  GOV  116     
 wired.com  COM  900     
 xml.coverpages.org  ORG  5     
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